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  • Only now online lessons for only 70 PLN combine with the long term group course!
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Learn without boundaries!

Are you planning to visit Poland, but have not yet started learning Polish? Or maybe you already have been here, and do not want to lose acquired language skills? If you want to start, continue or resurrect your education today, take an online course.

Location: Skype or Zoom
Fees: 1 lesson = 60 min.

  • general Polish – 75 PLN
  • specialist Polish for example: medical course, legal course, business course – 100 PLN
Location: Skype or Webex
Fees: 1 lesson = 60 min.

  • mini group (2 people) general Polish – 110 PLN
  • mini group (3 people) general Polish – 150 PLN
  • specialist Polish for example business (2-3 people) – 160 PLN