Dear Students, next Saturday (28.05) we invite you to the next edition of the convers-actions! We offer you two kinds of weekend meetings: online or in our private garden. Decide which option suits you best and sign up today:

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Intensive courses

We will soon be starting our intensive courses online and in school – start 24 May. The weather is going to be great, so we will be able to study also in the school garden. Feel free to sign up:

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Preparation for the B1 certificated exam

Attention! Attention! Important announcement📣📢💬🔔😀 The certificate examination in Polish as a foreign language starts already on 19 June. It is worth thinking about a course preparing for this exam today. We invite you to our courses at the end of April. You can choose between courses: a) course online in the evening (3x per week)…

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Sign up today

Fill up the registration form and you will receive an automatic confirmation e-mail with a link to the language test, which allows us to get an idea what level you are at (the test does not apply to novice students). It should take no longer than 15-20 minutes to complete it, and we encourage you to do it if possible. We will then contact you within next 24-48 working hours and schedule a conversation in the school or by phone/ Skype. Thanks to this we will finally determine your language level and match the group.


Please note: we issue course acceptance certificate, based on which you can apply for a Polish visa and a residence card.