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Spend time actively in Poland

Combine the learning of the Polish language with discovering the magic of Krakow.

Choose the intensive course that best suits your needs.

  • you will speak in Polish, a lot,
  • you will take part in free thematic workshops, which help you to familiarize with, and understand, Polish culture and customs, improve your pronunciation,
  • you will talk to Poles during free language tandems,
  • you will study under the eyes of two experienced teachers for whom work is a passion,
  • you will receive free course materials.
Course type: online intensive course
Number of lessons: 40

1 lesson= 45 min., 1 meeting= 2 lessons

Schedule: Monday and Wednesday 6.50 pm-8.20 pm

Thursday and Friday 6.50 pm- 8.20 pm

Tuesday- free day

Dates: 15.05-20.06.2024
Suitable for levels:  A1.2
Fee: 1080 PLN

Attention: you can pay in 2 installments (540 zł + 540 zł)

Course type:

Intensive online course – preparation for B1 certificate examination

Number of lessons: 30 lessons + a mock exam at school

1 lesson=45 min. 1 meeting= 2 lessons

Schedule: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 5.30pm-7.00pm
Dates: 13.05.2024-19.06.2024
Suitable for levels: for students who have completed level B1.1
Fee: 960 PLN

Attention: you can pay in 2 installments (480 zł + 480 zł)