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  • Only now: individual lessons in small group (2 people) at school for only 100 PLN!


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Learn at your own pace!

You decide which themes we cover, how much time we spend on each subject, and which skills you would like to focus on. The course will be designed to suit your individual needs that’s why it is a perfect way to learn Polish quickly and well.

  • every aspect of the course will be chosen specifically for you: course type, number of lessons, time and place, course materials and a teaching method suitable for your learning style,
  • wherever you choose to have your lessons – the school, your house or your workplace – we will create for you a friendly environment to study,
  • you will learn under the eyes of one or even two experienced teachers, for whom work is a passion,
  • you will take part in a chosen workshop organized at our school,
  • you will rent free books and videos from our Student Library.
Location: our school/ your house/ your workplace
Days and hours: determined individually
Fees: 1 lesson = 45 min.

  • general Polish at our school – 75 PLN
  • general Polish at any place in Cracow (teachers arrival up to 8 km from centre of Krakow) – 85 PLN
  • general Polish out of Cracow (teachers arrival up to 15 km from centre of Krakow)  – 110 PLN
  • specialist Polish for example business – 100 PLN
  • small group (2 people) -110 PLN
  • small group (3 people) -150 PLN