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Let's have fun in Polish!

Classes in this age group are about fantastic fun with the Polish language. There will be a lot of singing, dancing, listening and drawing. Our teachers help your child make their „baby steps” in Polish and work with them to build on skills which they already have. The teachers support your child to overcome language barriers and create a positive atmosphere to facilitate learning.

This course is designed for:

  • children of foreigners, which start polish school and would like to learn speaking in Polish with their native-speaking friends,
  • children of Poles, which grew up mostly abroad, and now after the return to Poland would like to improve their Polish usage skills,

  • bilingual children, which use their parents languages, and one of them is Polish.

    Note: available options include group courses (4 – 6 students) and individual tuition in your home (same fee as adult individual course).

Course type: course 2x per week
Number of lessons: 30 lessons + 1 workshop

1 lesson = 60 min. 

Schedule: Monday and Wednesday 3.45pm-4.45pm


Tuesday and Thursday 3.45pm-4.45pm

Date: 19.09.2022-27.01.2023
Division into age groups​: 9-11 years, 12-14 years
Fee: 1140 PLN

Attention: you can pay in 2 installments (570 PLN + 570 PLN)

Course type: 2-week intensive course
Number of lessons: 20 lessons + 1 workshop

1 lesson = 45 min. 

Schedule: Monday- Friday 1.00 pm-2.30 pm.
Date: 11.07.2022-22.07.2022


Division into age groups​: 9-11 years, 12-14 years
Fee: 730 PLN